November 24, 2022

BinaryTech collaborates with Roche to reduce pre-analytical errors in pathology sample processes

  • Redefining Pathology Sample Transportation
  • Maintaining accountability for sample integrity with active sample monitoring
  • Simplify compliance, improve audit, and lower risk across the chain of responsibility

Wollongong, Australia – 24/11/2022. BinaryTech has signed a collaboration agreement with Roche Diagnostics to work as part of its navify® Digital Solutions to help labs address pathology sampling issues, which can occur during transportation. Understanding the possible errors that can occur during transport before the sample enters the lab closes the loop in the process of specimen analysis. BinaryTech will work with labs and hospitals as part of the navify® Digital Solutions ( from Roche and its digital ecosystems in healthcare.

“When we developed the BinaryTech Pathology solution, we wanted to reduce complexity, offer more control and elevate the decision making of our customers,” said Michael Burton, CEO of BinaryTech. “We deliver this by providing live data & insights of sample location & conditions while in transit. Combining the visibility and accountability of samples before they get to the lab will help reduce the current sample integrity issues experienced across the pathology sector.”

With BinaryTech active pathology sample monitoring, labs can stay connected to samples throughout the transport process. This provides increased visibility and transparency on where samples are and the environmental condition they are in. Using a common, standards-based API integration with navify® Digital Solutions allows the previously complex and time-consuming process of bespoke integration to be eliminated.

With active monitoring, providers can monitor and audit multiple data points including:

  • Temperature
  • Location
  • Movement
  • Light Exposure
  • TIme

The transportation of samples is a major part of the pre-analytical pathology pathway and can be crucial in delaying laboratory results to the clinicians and impairing patient outcomes. Maintaining sample integrity from collection centre to laboratory has long been a challenge to pathology providers, with some estimating over 60% of errors occur during transportation. The costs of failure in this task can be tremendous in terms of increased expenditure, reputational damage, and in the worst case, negative patient outcomes.

With active monitoring, you can customise reporting to meet individual objectives. Everything from data sampling rate, to KPI’s and parameters, to who receives alerts is personalised to meet your business objectives & KPI’s.

BinaryTech’s pathology monitoring solution has been used to locate and recover lost pathology samples and to assist lab technicians and quality managers with audit reporting duties.

“This collaboration gives us an opportunity to roll out our field proven pathology tracking solution to the global pathology market,” said BinaryTech CEO Michael Burton. “We know the costs of failure in pre-analytical tasks can be tremendous for laboratories, with increased expenditure, reputational damage, and in the worst case, negative patient outcomes. Our solution prevents that from happening.”


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