Global pioneers of Massive IoT

Meet the team behind BinaryTech

BinaryTech is a pioneering tech scaleup specialising in the development of cutting-edge Massive IoT solutions. Our mission is to enable industries to connect their hypermobile assets to the cloud and leverage proprietary datasets to empower data-driven decision-making.

Our Journey

Established in 2016 through a collaboration with the University of Wollongong's School of Computing and Information Technology Alumni students, BinaryTech embarked on a transformative journey. Our inception was marked by a clear vision: connecting millions of "things" to the cloud. This vision tasked us with developing the necessary technology, setting us on a path of research, initially focused on LPWAN at the University of Wollongong's Smart Research Facility.

Our journey continued as one of the earliest movers in the 5G space, where we played an integral role in assisting leading telecommunication companies with network rollouts. Engaging in numerous world-first Massive IoT deployment projects, we acquired a reservoir of deep knowledge and hands-on experience, establishing ourselves as experts in the field.

Our commitment to industry transformation

The BinaryTech solution is a testament to our commitment to overcoming the challenges faced in scaling Massive IoT. From the outset, we prioritised solving these challenges, with a dedicated focus on geolocation, low power, antenna design, and connectivity optimisation. These core elements serve as the bedrock for digital transformation through Massive IoT.

At the core of our operations lies a steadfast commitment to driving transformative change within select industries. We strategically choose sectors where our expertise solves long-standing, once-insurmountable challenges. Our aim is to spearhead a new era in digital transformation.

Our Team

Michael Burton


Brooke Burton


Ellie Lezcano


James Rule

Head of Technology

Ethan Dunne

Hardware Lead

Jim Barton

Cloud Developer

Aidan Andrews

Web Lead

Hayley Sinclair

Product Specialist

Oliver McNaughton

Business Development Coordinator

Candice Evans

Marketing Manager

Paul Vujic

VP - BinaryLoop

Mark Blair

Business Development Manager

Ben Morrell

Business Development Manager
Our goal is to empower industries to gain visibility, simplify operations and discover insights
by leveraging the transformative capabilities
of Massive IoT technology.

Global Connections

BinaryTech is a global technology company. While our headquarters are in Australia, we proudly maintain a presence worldwide. Our European and UK sales team work diligently to promote our innovative solutions, and across the ocean, our trusted channel partner in North America bolsters our international outreach. With clients situated in multiple countries across the globe, enabled by worldwide connectivity and coverage for our IoT technology, we are a truly an international company.