Three pillars of Massive IoT deep tech

5G is upon us and we’ve had massive breakthroughs in connectivity and technology. Now we can monitor things that were technically impossible, or financially unviable to monitor just a couple of years ago. But there are still some huge challenges in the application of 5G technology to the real world. Massive IoT is all about small, mobile assets which come with their own inherent challenges. At Binary Tech we’ve built the missing tech stack to overcome these technical challenges enabling telcos, system integrators and enterprises to apply 5G technologies to real-world applications.

Turnkey IoT capability
for enterprises & telcos

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet evolving needs, enabling organisations to thrive in dynamic markets. We prioritize seamless integration into your existing systems, aligning our solutions with your infrastructure for optimal performance. Our solution enables swift deployment for telecommunication companies and systems integrators, providing a proof environment for enterprises to conduct proof-of-concepts. Additionally, our technology can be white-labelled, allowing for seamless branding integration.

Technology advancement
through applied research

Binary Tech develops an end-to-end operating system for Massive IoT, encompassing device manufacture, firmware, cloud algorithms, and APIs. Our solution facilitates swift deployment for telcos and systems integrators, offering a proof environment for enterprises to conduct POCs. Our stack can be white-labelled, and we also apply it through our own sub-brands, enabling us to enhance the technology continually as we expand.