A holistic approach to next-gen asset monitoring

At BinaryTech, we are redefining the landscape of efficiency, performance, and versatility with our cutting-edge Massive IoT solution. From device manufacturing and firmware to cloud algorithms, an intuitive web platform, and APIs, we present a holistic solution for asset tracking and monitoring.

Our hardware, meticulously crafted with power-saving firmware and state-of-the-art antennas, has a superior battery life and proprietary geolocation engine. The magic unfolds in the cloud, where our AI and machine learning prowess thrives through data ingest APIs, an IoT data store, and the art of data fusion and enrichment. Our user platform serves as the nexus, generating insightful reports and alerts in real-time, providing users with a comprehensive view of the collected data.

Our deep tech is anchored by four core pillars:

Next-Gen Geolocation

While conventional IoT trackers rely heavily on power-hungry and unreliable GPS or inaccurate cell location data, we employ a hybrid approach.  This method overlays multiple geolocation techniques that allow sensors to gather a spectrum of data from their surroundings, including motion, nearby wireless infrastructure, and data from previous sensors that followed the same path. 

Each sensor contributes to our geospatial data store, training algorithms to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of geolocation for subsequent sensors. Our expertise extends to locating sensors indoors, where GPS fails, and in challenging environments with no urban infrastructure to support location sensing.

Ultra-low Power Tech

We've adopted several strategies to ensure our tech stack achieves low-power efficiency. Our sensors spend most of their lifecycle in a power-efficient deep sleep state, awakening briefly for data gathering or cloud synchronization.

Our data compression algorithms ensure every transmitted byte is valuable, eliminating the chatty messaging protocols typical of traditional IoT devices. Complex tasks are delegated to the cloud, preserving sensor simplicity and energy efficiency.

Steering clear of power-hungry GPS/GNSS, our geolocation relies on cloud-based Machine Learning instead while proficient antenna design ensures high transmission efficiency in diverse scenarios. We leverage cellular LPWAN technology which provides extensive coverage and a decade-long device lifespan on a single charge.

Game-changing Connectivity

Our technology makes use of cellular LPWAN technology, more specifically, the NB-IoT and CAT-M1 standards which are ratified into 5G and recently rolled out across the globe.

LPWAN is a type of wireless communication network designed for long-range communication with low power consumption and provides an optimal environment for our technology. Even in regions with limited mobile coverage, our devices maintain robust signal strength.

This type of connectivity is particularly significant for clients managing extensive fleets of hypermobile assets, traditionally reliant on outdated IT systems and guesswork. We bring about a paradigm shift by leveraging this emerging technology.

Proprietary Data Sets

At BinaryTech, we excel in harnessing data that has previously been beyond reach. We redefine industries, supplanting antiquated paper and conjecture-based systems with real-time IoT data.  

Every sensor deployed to the field enriches our cloud algorithms, amassing metadata that aids in interpreting new sensor data. We harvest raw bytes of IoT information from hard-to-access locations and specialise in processing and learning from this raw data to provide valuable, actionable insights.

Our expertise lies in the transformation of raw IoT data into enriched, high-value actionable insight reports that can drive workflows and catalyze digital transformation across industries.

From Sensor to Insights: How it works

Turnkey IoT capability
for enterprises & telcos

At BinaryTech, our collaborative partnerships with telecommunication companies and system integrators enable us to deliver solutions to enterprise clients overseeing extensive fleets of hyper-mobile assets.

Our solution serves as a compelling proof environment for enterprises venturing into the realms of IoT and digital transformation. We specialise in rapidly launching proof of concept projects while providing hands-on support throughout the pilot phase. Our expertise extends to integrating IoT data into existing operations, ensuring actionable insights and tangible return on investment right from the inception of POC and pilot initiatives.

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Putting our solutions to the test

See the impact of our technology across our sub-brands
BinaryBeer brings innovation to the draught beer industry through our cutting-edge monitoring system for kegs. By collecting and analysing keg and beer data, we provide valuable insights to brewers they previously did not have access to.
BinaryMed guarantees sample and asset connectivity through remote monitoring, real-time analytics, and workflow transparency. Ensure sample integrity with location, temperature, and custody tracking, and prioritise patient care, all in one streamlined solution.
BinaryLoop tracks the location and usage of your stillages, skip bins, and waste management assets. BinaryLoop prevents loss and maximises asset utilisation, providing a simple and effective way to safeguard and optimise your valuable resources.