BinaryTech has successfully developed a versatile and adaptable Massive IoT solution that caters to the unique needs of diverse industries. With three sub-brands utilising our deep tech across completely different sectors, we have demonstrated its effectiveness and ability to deliver substantial value to each industry. Through customised implementation and ongoing optimisation, our Massive IoT technology continues to empower these brands, enabling them to thrive in their respective fields.

BinaryTech Sub-brands

BinaryBeer is revolutionising the draught beer industry by monitoring kegs and draught beer and extracting key data to uncover valuable insights. The smart keg solution, designed for the industry’s unique challenges and requirements, is commercially available and used by brewers on four continents. It answers the question, “What happens to my beer once it leaves the brewery?”

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Transportation of pathology samples during the pre-preanalytics stage is critical but error-prone. Over 60% of errors occur during transportation, delaying results, impairing patient outcomes, and causing reputational and financial damage. BinaryMed’s active sample monitoring helps maintain sample integrity by providing real-time tracking, customisable reporting, and alerts on transportation conditions, from collection center's to laboratories, regardless of couriers or third-party logistics providers.

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BinaryLoop offers a tracking solution to monitor stillages, skip bins, and waste management assets, maximising their usage and preventing loss. Assets are connected to the internet for easy monitoring and team communication, increasing cost-savings, recycling rates, and stakeholder outcomes. Transform resource recovery and asset management with real-time tracking.

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Global Connections

Turnkey IoT capabilities mean that BinaryTech is able to provide solutions anytime, anywhere. Even when an asset travels to a location where there is no coverage (e.g. International shipping), BinaryTech sensors store logs and upload once connection is re-established through our extended logging capabilities.
Real-time, synced IoT data from mobile assets
Battery life for all BinaryTech trackers
Roaming in Oceana, Europe, Africa, North America and Asia