Solving the global challenges in scaling Massive IoT

Amid the ever-evolving Information Age, a profound transformation unfolds. It’s a paradigm shift where not only individuals, but virtually every 'thing' is embracing connectivity to the internet. This evolution, known as Massive IoT, conveys an enormous scale, interlinking thousands to millions of things with the digital realm. 

Historically, the full potential of Massive IoT was constrained by the limitations of unreliable connectivity, power-hungry devices, and excessive costs. However, the recent global rollout of 5G technology has now unlocked a world of possibilities for Massive IoT. At BinaryTech, we stand at the forefront of this technological revolution, equipped with an IoT tech stack designed to seize this opportunity.

Global pioneers of Massive IoT

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Massive IoT, where network coverage and skill sets are still emerging, BinaryTech has positioned itself as a pioneer and industry leader. With a team built from the ground up, we possess unparalleled expertise in Massive IoT.

Having collaborated with numerous telecom companies worldwide, we have played a vital role in the deployment and testing of their networks, refining the technology and cultivating deep insights to fuel the growth of Massive IoT. As early adopters, our team has been at the forefront of this transformative technology since its inception, allowing us to grow alongside it and deliver unmatched industry knowledge and solutions.

Putting our solutions to the testSee the impact of our technology across our sub-brands

BinaryBeer brings innovation to the draught beer industry through our cutting-edge monitoring system for kegs. By collecting and analysing keg and beer data, we provide valuable insights to brewers they previously did not have access to.
BinaryMed guarantees sample and asset connectivity through remote monitoring, real-time analytics, and workflow transparency. Ensure sample integrity with location, temperature, and custody tracking, and prioritise patient care, all in one streamlined solution.
BinaryLoop tracks the location and usage of your stillages, skip bins, and waste management assets. BinaryLoop prevents loss and maximises asset utilisation, providing a simple and effective way to safeguard and optimise your valuable resources.

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