Connect Anything

World leaders in battery powered mobile asset monitoring

Never Lose Your Asset

Know where your assets are at all times

Track Deliveries

Monitor the progress of your delivery

Monitor Temperature & Freshness

Track temperature over time to monitor the freshness of goods

Detect Movement

Be alerted when assets are sitting idle or pooling

Tilt Monitoring

3-axis directional accelerometer lets you know your assets's orientation

Run Time Monitoring

Monitor the operation of powered assets to track usage and optimise service schedules

Cost effective & reliable information

Timely data from assets in the field

The ability to see your mobile assets in real time can help you make critical business decisions, reduce costs and improve your customer’s experience. 

While tracking of vehicles is common, significant parts of an organisation’s mobile assets often go un-monitored due to high costs or power issues.

Binary Tech’s asset monitoring solutions give you affordable visibility of your assets from your mobile or desktop.

Low Cost

Suitable for low-value assets and full fleet coverage

Long Life

5+ years battery life

Easy Install

No wires, no infrastructure, less than 2 minute to install & connect

Great Coverage

Indoors & outdoors, in a basement or a field, nationwide NB-IoT coverage

User Friendly

Easy to use platform & Australian support


Upload rates, reports & alerts (SMS/Email)

Binary Tech Users

Data from Your Assets

The Cicada

Binary Tech sensors are built on our core IP of low power, mobile asset monitoring, transmitting data over the NB‑IoT network. 

The Cicada sensor is a discrete & robust unit that can be easily attached to a wide variety of assets for out-of-the-box connectivity.


Identity important places for your assets and set alerts for when assets enter/exit the location.


Set temperature limits and alerts so you know when these are reached. Also, measure temperature over time to monitor 'freshness'


Know when your asset is moving and set alerts if it moves at the wrong times!


'Which way am I facing' useful for doors, lifting equipment, arrays, etc.

The Kraken

The Kraken builds on the core IP of the Cicada sensors, and allows for additional inputs to be added to the unit. Used for prototyping and project builds.


Know when equipment is on & for how long. Remote monitoring of equipment use.


Gas & liquid pressure monitoring


'How close am I to...' safety and management tool


Sensor inputs from various external probes, extreme temperature, pH, etc.

Getting the information you need to the people who need it

Our user friendly platform has been developed in-house by our team so you can personalise your information to suit your business needs. Customise your own data uploads, reports and alerts so you get the information you need when you need it.

Access anytime, anywhere through our web-based application

Custom geofence and event alerts via SMS, email, and more

Scheduled and on‑demand reports

Multiple users and roles/permissions

Data storage included at no extra cost

API access and integrations on request

Turning Data into Usable Business Insights

Data & Analytics

Data from devices is transmitted through the NB‑IoT network to our cloud based server, where we use artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithms to turn data into information.

Machine learning identifies patterns from your assets to give deeper insights into your business.

Real World Applications

Keg Monitoring

Know where your keg is and how it is being treated


Maintain visibility and accountability for sample integrity

What makes Binary Tech different

Low Cost

Suitable for low-value assets and full fleet coverage

Simple Retrofit Devices

No tools, no infrastructure

5+ Years battery life

Low power connectivity for long service life

API Feed to ERP

Data feed straight into existing business systems for ease of use, or use our proprietary platform

Australian Support

Designed, manufactured & supported in Australia

Additional Features

Custom features can be incorporated into our base designs to ensure you get the information you need for your business

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