Redefining Pathology Sample Transportation

Maintain visibility and accountability for sample integrity with active sample monitoring

Active Monitoring changes everything!

Transportation of samples is a major part of the pre-analytical pathology pathway and can be crucial in delaying laboratory results to the clinicians and impairing patient outcomes. Maintaining sample integrity from collection centre to laboratory has long been a challenge to pathology providers, with some estimating over 60% of errors occur during transportation. The costs of failure in this task can be tremendous in terms of increased expenditure, reputational damage, and in the worst case, negative patient outcomes.

With Binary Tech active sample monitoring you stay connected to samples throughout the transport process, seeing through couriers & third party logistics providers to know where your samples are and how they are being treated.

With active monitoring, you can customise reporting to meet individual objectives. Everything from data sampling rate, to KPI’s and parameters, to who receives alerts is personalised to meet your business objectives & KPI’s.

Location & environmental metrics monitored & reported automatically. Active alerts notify when intervention is necessary.

Data collected, stored and reported automatically making compliance & reviews a touch of the button.

From collection centre to lab, maintain visibility over samples even through third party logistics.

Logging of alerts and ‘resolutions’ by user for internal audit of procedures & responsibilities.

Eliminate human error & missing data. Active intervention to maintain sample integrity.

Schedule workflows to understand actual incoming demand.

Reliable data from off-site operations to understand & improve environmental footprint

‘Insider’ knowledge of customer behaviour enables targeted interactions and deeper relationships.

Benefits across the whole business

Commercial Manager

Leverage your Competitive Advantage to build stronger relationships

With data collected at your customers location you gain insider knowledge of their behaviours and workflows allowing you to target your interactions & service to meet customer needs better than ever. Address issues before they arise to maintain relationships and improve reputation.


Sustainable Improvement

Risk Management – increased visibility & accountability reduce overall business risk Digital

Transformation – automating data collection & reporting. Centralised reporting.

Sustainability – understand off-site behaviours to identify areas of improvement

Efficiency – reduce re-testing and improve workflows to lower costs.

Quality & Compliance

Increase visibility & accountability

Reduce risk profile with of errors automated data collection & accountability audit trail reduce risk of errors Simplify regulatory compliance with data & reports available on demand

Courier Manager

Never lose a sample

Know where samples are and when they are expected to arrive in lab Eliminate spoilage with environmental monitoring & alerts Active alerts notify of unexpected activity during sample transport (eg too long, wrong arrival location, etc)

Lab Manager

Reduce Workload

Eliminate re-testing reducing load in the system Plan work flows knowing when deliveries are expected to improve staffing efficiencies Reduce Paperwork with automated data collection & reporting Know where idle coolers are for redeployment.

What we monitor


Set temperature limits and alerts so you know when these are reached.


Identity important places for your assets and set alerts for when assets enter/exit the location.


Know when your asset is moving and set alerts if it moves at the wrong times!


Monitor changes to light levels and set alerts useful to determine when/if packages are opened.


Set time based KPI's and Alerts


Customisable alerts for active intervention

Additional Features

Long Battery Life

5000+ uploads


Australian Supported Australian Owned

Australia-wide Coverage

96+ population coverage


Reports & alerts to suit your workflow and KPI's

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