Multi Feature Asset Monitor

Using our core technology the Kraken can power additional plug-in features


Identity important places for your assets and set alerts for when assets enter/exit the location.


Set temperature limits and alerts so you know when these are reached. Also, measure temperature over time to monitor 'freshness'


Know when your asset is moving and set alerts if it moves at the wrong times!


'Which way am I facing' useful for doors, lifting equipment, arrays, etc.


Know when equipment is on & for how long. Remote monitoring of equipment use.


Gas & liquid pressure monitoring


'How close am I to...' safety and management tool.


Sensor inputs from various external probes, extreme temperature, pH, etc.


12-24V power

12-24V power

Additional Features

Custom features can be incorporated into our base designs to ensure you get the information you need for your business

The Kraken allows for our in-house team to rapidly prototype & build bespoke solutions to meet customers unique requirements.

Other Products

Cicada Urban Asset Monitor

Low-cost, long-life wireless asset monitoring suitable for most urban assets

Cicada Field Asset Monitor

Additional GPS tracking for rural & remote applications

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