How it Works

Step 1

Attach Sensor

Fast and easy installation

Cicada sensors can be installed using industrial adhesive (included), screws/rivets (compatible), or magnets (on request) in less than 2 minutes and can last for 5 years on a single battery.

Step 2

Log Asset Location & Conditions

Sensors log location, temperature & movement at customisable intervals, then upload these through the NB-IoT network.

Logging & upload intervals are user customisable to meet individual use cases.

What we monitor

All Models


Indoor & Outdoor location Know where your assets are and where they have been. Monitor stock levels & asset pooling Set unique geo‑fencing alerts so you know when assets leave/arrive on site


Know when your asset is moving and when it is stationary. Trigger uploads based on ‘Has Moved’ so you get more frequent updates when your asset is in transit. Set movement alerts so you know when assets are moving when they shouldn’t be


Monitor the temperature of assets and shipments. Set temperature limits and create alerts to notify you when limits are exceeded. Monitor ‘freshness’ of stock over time, and set appropriate limits & alerts


3-axis directional accelerometer lets you know what the orientation of the sensor is.

Additional Features


Know when equipment is on & for how long. Remote monitoring of equipment use.


Know when equipment is on & for how long. Remote monitoring of equipment use.


'How close am I to...' safety and management tool.


Sensor inputs from various external probes, extreme temperature, pH, etc.

Light Level

Monitor changes to light levels and set alerts Useful to determine when/if packages are opened, monitoring fridge door openings, etc.

Extended Logging

Sometimes an asset will travel where there is no coverage (e.g. International shipping). Sensors store logs and upload once connection is re-established


Additional inputs can be added to our sensors (see more about the Kraken), and are reported through our platform and API feed

Step 3

Upload the data

Narrowband IoT (NB‑IoT) is a secure, reliable wireless standard which enables low-power, long-range and low-cost connectivity for your assets.

This technology allows our sensors to work in the toughest conditions, underground and indoors.

No scanning, no gateways; just data

How we compare

Step 4

We analyse data

Using modern techniques including machine learning, we take the data of the entire fleet and develop meaningful insights with targeted areas of focus for different departments and stakeholders.

Step 5

You reap the rewards

Binary Tech’s user friendly, web-based platform delivers the insights you need when you need them, with live information feed, on-demand reporting and customisable alerts. However you prefer to access your information, desktop, mobile, online or SMS alerts, Binary Tech provides all the tools you need to stop worrying about your assets and focus on your business.

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