Carlton United Breweries

Carlton United Breweries is on a mission to ensure that they are serving Australian customers the best beer – every day Keg Monitoring Working together with Binary Beer (Binary Tech’s Brewing industry brand) bespoke keg monitoring sensors were designed and trialled during 2019. This successful trial was the first step towards monitoring every keg in […]


Binary Tech and Binary Beer have been working closely with Vodafone as the NBIoT network is rolled out across Australia Network Monitoring As one of the first companies in the world to create a commercially available mobile device utilising this technology, we have been working together with Vodafone to promote the technology and its opportunities. […]


Tricep create 3D printing Bio Materials that are transported to laboratories and medical facilities around Australia BioMaterial Monitoring Tricep’s shipments are time and temperature sensitive, and have previously been managed using data loggers. Obstacles Shipments are both time and temperature sensitive Shipments are extremely valuable Shipments are kept at extremely low temperatures Data loggers only […]


Kenya was one of the first countries in the world to roll out the NB-IoT technology, and Michael (our founder) was there to assist with the network testing. Telecommunications antennas are extremely sensitive to movements which can be caused by storms and natural disasters. Often slight movements in panels can cause major issues to telecommunications […]

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